Post COVID Blues

I know what you’re thinking! How could she be sad over this COVID pandemic “ending”?!

I’m not sad that it’s ending and life is getting more normal. I’m sad because I’m back to work. 40 hours a week gone from my family.

I can’t wake up and make a decent breakfast and sit down with my family and enjoy it.

I’m not outside hangin with the girls in the kiddie pool.

I’m getting home at 5 o’clock having to hurry and think what we’ll have for dinner knowing we’ll be getting take out anyway.

My kids have absolutely NO sleep routine. Actually no routine at all for anything.

My grocery bill is still through the roof. Actually all my bills are.

My house is NEVER clean because they’re home all day long.

Our weekends are washed away with the piles of laundry I can’t get to during the week.

I am grateful and thankful for my job. I love what I do, and I love the place I work.

I just find that I am struggling to get there a bit more these days knowing how wonderful that extra time was with my family.

Last weekend we went camping & it was 48 hours of family time. I cherished every moment because it doesn’t happen often.

Yes, I do think these “post-COVID blues” are a real thing and not many people are talking about it.

Are you feeling the struggle as well?!

Thanks for reading my short and sweet post.

25 thoughts on “Post COVID Blues

  1. I know exactly what you mean. It’s definitely sad watching everyone going back to work and not having the bonding time we had when we were all together & I think it’s just so much more anxiety now that everyone is out and going about their normal lives.


  2. Aww, I feel you on this! I loved knowing that so many people were enjoying spending time together as a family and delighting in each other’s company. It will be hard to go back to life before all this, but I hope people keep making an effort to spend time with their kids. 🙂

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  3. I’m torn too. I’ll be glad to go back to the kids being in school and having some peace and quiet again. But I’m also going to miss the noise and company and seeing the boys change and learn every day.


  4. I think everything about this transition is going be tough, and it’s totally normal and okay to feel like you do. Personally, I’m supposed to return in 3 weeks, and I’ve never been more stressed. I suspect we’ll all end up right back here, though…


  5. This Is very relatable. I’m still working from home and I’m not looking forward to going back. I’ve even started looking for remote jobs. I’ll miss sitting down and eating breakfast and using my lunch break as time to take a walk or do yoga. It’s a tough transition


  6. This really is such a strange time! It feels weird to be both sad about the pandemic and then sad about it ending, but it’s definitely legitimate. This year has put into perspective so many important things. Glad you had some cherished time with family camping. That sounds delightful!


  7. I’m definitely feeling the post-COVID blues. As an introvert, I actually enjoyed this time and the break from socializing. Glad to know I’m not alone with these feelings!


  8. I must admit I’ve grown quite used to this life too. It’s amazing getting so much time together as a family. I’ll probably still be working from home for the foreseeable, but it’ll be strange when we’re not all together all the time.


  9. Yes, I feel the same! I’m an introvert and all the quiet time was wonderful. Before lockdown I was working too many hours and the time off meant I could phone and video-call friends and family (although I’m an introvert, I love and miss my friends and family! The extra time to spend with them – even virtually – was bliss). I also had time to blog, to get enough sleep, to learn some new recipes, exercise, and generally look after myself. Now I’m back to work (in retail, so a bit of a shock to the system!) and I’m missing the quieter days. Thanks for sharing this post – it’s good to see all the comments and know I’m not alone in this!


  10. 100% feeling this. This is my second week with a babysitter and I miss my kid so much!! Love my job, but the hustle and bustle was not missed.


  11. I can imagine it’s very hard getting back to “normal” but not really. Especially when you’ve got all the stress of being a SAHM and a working Mom. You sound like you’re smashing it though!


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