7 Fun Spring Break Activities For You and The Kids.

Spring is upon us and with that comes Spring break!

Even though my son and daughter are still toddler’s, I still think of Spring as the start of fun activities school aged or not.

We can finally get outside and play. Bring on the mud and grass stained clothes because I am so ready!

Today I thought I would share some great Spring break activities that you can do as a family, that still is a little more social distanced.

1. Break out the bubbles.

Just like bubble wrap, I feel like you’re never too old for bubbles! Bubbles are such a great inexpensive activity. You can make big bubbles, get a bubble machine or make some fun in a bin with bubbles and water. Definitely a great outdoor activity for the kids.

2. Take a day trip.

I love making a day out of a fun activity. We recently went to an indoor water park and my son had a blast. Even a trip to your local library or just finding in town activities to do are great as well!

3. Have a family movie night.

You can never go wrong with a movie night. One of my favorite things to do. Make some popcorn, set up a snack bar or ice cream station. Make some homemade icee’s. So much fun can come from a movie night.

4. Paint a masterpiece.

Painting is such a great activity no matter what age! Get creative with it and there’s so many things you could come up with! Or grab your chalk and head outside to chalk paint.

5. Have an outside adventure.

Check out your favorite trail, rock hunt at the beach, ride bikes, go rollerblading. Head to the park. Outside adventures are what I’m most excited about as the days get longer and hopefully warmer.

6. Sensory bins.

There is so much you can do with sensory bins and they are a hit at any age as well! I have lots of water bin ideas in mind for my son this Spring.

7. Fly a kite.

Spring is so perfect for kite flying! It can still be windy so get to the park and run around with a kite!

Let’s make this Spring a great one and enjoy it as much as we can! I know we all and definitely our kids need it!

What’s your favorite thing about Spring? Mine would be everything blooming and the excitement that Summer is coming.

Have a wonderful week!

36 thoughts on “7 Fun Spring Break Activities For You and The Kids.

  1. My favorite thing about spring is that we can take our bicycles and ride. These activities are great to do with kids, especially breaking bubbles. Besides, a family movie night can be turned into a weekend family tradition. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I don’t have any kids, but honestly – I’d like to do most of these things even just on my own or with my husband. They sound like such fun! I’m a sucker for blowing bubbles… and I’ve never flown a kite!

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    1. Yess, so I definitely had to put “for you and the kids” cause I like doing these things myself too 🤣🤣 bubbles are sooo fun! Well definitely try out flying a kite this year, it’s fun to run around with them! Thanks for reading❤️


  3. These are all great ideas! I don’t have kids but would surely do most of them now! I can still remember every spring break we used to travel to visit relatives and go for long bike rides with my parents! Thank you for sharing x

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  4. These are some really great ideas to keep kids entertained. It’s always fun to be active and doing different things during a break. Especially as we had so much time spent indoors. Thank you for sharing.
    Lauren bournemouthgirl.com

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  5. Great ideas! I’m always shocked at how my 8 year old is still entertained for so long by bubbles. We are also having a little day trip/staycation for his spring break this weekend that we are excited for 🙂

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  6. Love these ideas for fun indoor and outside activities! We got a kite recently and it has been amazing flying it on windy days. Bubbles are also a popular option. It is fun to see how far they go. 🙂

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  7. How fun! I love doing a lot of the things you’ve listed even though I would not be considered a kid anymore. (I just got a giant bubble wand hehe). I’ll be trying these things out this summer!

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  8. Thank you for putting together this post on spring break activities. Our kids go on break next week and I think a paint night would be so fun.

    I also planned to do more with the kids outside. Hubby is building us a raised flowerbed.


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