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  • Fall Crockpot Meal & Bake With Me!

    Fall Crockpot Meal & Bake With Me!

    Hello loves! Is anyone else’s tree’s changing?? I am so in love! I hope you are all doing well! I have a fun post today and I am excited to share it with you. Fall cooking and baking has been on my mind with the weather cooling down and ever since I decorated it makes…

  • Edible Cookie Dough! YUM!

    Edible Cookie Dough! YUM!

    Who is OVER this virus?! I know I am. It’s been hard being cooped up in the house. I went back to work Monday (BLAH!), and I miss being home with my girls and hubs. During the time of self-isolation, I indulged (as I’m sure we all did) in some major sweets! My go-to: EDIBLE COOKIE…

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