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  • Top 7 Rainy Day Activities.

    Top 7 Rainy Day Activities.

    I know for me rainy days can sometimes be a blessing and relaxing! I love curling up with a good book or finding my favorite movies on TV. The gloomier the better! But for kiddos!? Not so much! Spring/Summer time can be tough to keep these little ones from going crazy with all the back […]

  • “Me Time” On Mother’s Day.

    “Me Time” On Mother’s Day.

    *This post may contain Ad links* Since becoming a mom, I feel like sometimes Mother’s Day is more hectic than some normal days! Anyone else!? Sure you get some relaxation, maybe breakfast in bed or a delicious dinner but sometimes it just ends up being a busy day in general and that’s not always a […]

  • How To Harness Your Unique Feminine Qualities In The Workplace

    How To Harness Your Unique Feminine Qualities In The Workplace

    While men undoubtedly have communication challenges at work, there are common themes for women that often lead us to feel disempowered, ignored or struggling to fulfil our potential. Some worry about being ‘too passionate’ or overemotional, while others don’t feel confident to speak up in a male-dominated environment. What is often overlooked is that as […]

  • Five Valentine’s Day Family Ideas.

    Five Valentine’s Day Family Ideas.

    Although you still have your occasional date nights, Valentines Day sure does change once you become a parent. The best part though? It’s still so much fun, but instead of romantic quiet dinners as a couple, it can become a loud family date night. I’m here to give some great ideas to celebrate Valentines Day […]

  • Create A Learning Nook for Your Toddler.

    Create A Learning Nook for Your Toddler.

    With a busy bee of a toddler running around at all times, books and coloring are so important to have accessible when it’s time for some down time. Redfin reached out to us and asked to write a short piece describing an at home learning area that would work well. You can read the full […]

  • 3am Wake Up Cries. (Exhausted Mom)

    3am Wake Up Cries. (Exhausted Mom)

    From the moment those two pink lines show up, you are being told how hard being a parent is. Constant crying, feeding on demand, diaper overloads. And of course those 3am wake up cries. But they never tell you the pure emotional exhaustion you will truly feel from trying to be the perfect mom. And I’m not […]

  • Top 5 Tips To Become an Organized Mom.

    Top 5 Tips To Become an Organized Mom.

    As a mom I feel like one of the biggest struggles is staying organized. It’s a huge goal but it rarely happens, am I right? I know in my family, I’m the one being asked what time everything is at or what day and where is this and where is that? It’s a tough job […]

  • Day In The Life Of A Working Mom.

    Day In The Life Of A Working Mom.

    I love reading and watching day in the life blog posts and vlogs so I thought, why not give it a try?  So today I am sharing with you my day in the life of a working mom. Everyday is different of course but this is just a glimpse at my work days! 6:45am-7:00am- Bub […]

  • Hot Mess Mom

    Hot Mess Mom

    If you are a hot mess mom, raise your hand! Here I am, two different blog posts written (but not completed), running around the house doing laundry, while feeding the girls a bedtime snack at 10:15pm! My life never ends as a mom. Motherhood for me looks like this on a daily basis. Balancing working, […]