Back to Work!

I started back up to work last Monday, and I am TIRED!

We called this blog the Quirky Workin Moms, because that is who we are. We are both moms who work. HARD!

I work for two eye doctors as an optician. I L O V E my job so, so much. However, during this pandemic, I’ve faced many challenges.

I don’t know if you’ve been to an eye doctor recently, but the thing about my profession, is we are in your face ALL. THE. TIME!

I could not do my job, 6 feet away. It’d be impossible. From measuring your glasses, to adjusting them, or training you to put contact lenses is. I’m right there, 6 inches away.

I have found a few things to be useful though during these crazy times, and it’s nothing new. It has given me some piece of mind!

PPE has been a must. I wear a mask majority of the day. If you are in my optical, I have my mask on.

Excessively washing my hands, and using hand sanitizer. My hands are fried. I’m not sure if they will ever recover.

Coming home and putting clothes right in the laundry basket. I don’t want to bring any germs into my house where I could potentially expose my family.

Shoes are kept OUTSIDE! It’s a rule I strictly follow at this point.

It has been difficult getting used to this new “normal”, but I am so grateful to have a job that has opened back up!

I hope everyone stays healthy and safe.

And if you’re essential, THANK YOU!!!

See you all next Thursday!


16 responses to “Back to Work!”

  1. Manju SM Avatar
    Manju SM

    I know Marissa, these are difficult times. Stay strong and stay safe. We will all sail out of this together!


    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      You too! 💕


  2. guideyourtravel Avatar

    You go girl! I feel your struggle


    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      It’s tough, but we’ll make it! 💕


  3. hellotherelayla Avatar

    Hope you are both well and safe! I agree with Manju–we are living in difficult times.I’m dreading going back to work next week as I am immunocompromised! But we have to go back.



    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Stay safe! 💕


  4. lamandtheglam Avatar

    Really not easy to manage when you work in contact with others. Good luck for you two 😉 I’m still working from home as I’m a marketing manager and our office still close until June


    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Thank you! 💕


  5. Kelly Diane Avatar

    You’re doing a great job. It’s not easy to go out to work whilst still trying to protect your family.


    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Thank you! It’s so true! 💕


  6. secondtimearoundhomestead Avatar

    Love your honesty! This is so hard.


  7. Francesca Littler Avatar
    Francesca Littler

    Great post! So interesting to hear. I hope you stay safe and well. You are doing a great job x


    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Thank you! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Fy Avatar

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing normal for a while. Despite it not being how it used to, it must be nice to go back to work. I should start again in June myself which is anxiety provoking but measures for everyone’s safety are being put in place xx



  9. Cocktails & Curves - Paige Avatar
    Cocktails & Curves – Paige

    Wow. This just highlights how much of an adjustment everyone faces now and it’ll take some time getting used to the new norm! It’s great to hear you are finding a way that means you can work. It’s not easy, but we will all pull through together ❤️


  10. justthegameoflife Avatar

    I went back to work recently too. I work in a school though, since I couldn’t do my work from home they wanted me back if I was to get paid. It’s not too bad, just passing out graduation stuff to kids. Of course wearing my mask! Also I used to work in the optometry field, I was an optometric technician. So I know just how in your face and hands on opticians have to be! Especially with the measurements. I’ll be honest, I’ve been itching to get my eyes checked, but just waiting for a better time. Thank you for all that you do though!


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