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  • AD; Photowall Decor & More!

    AD; Photowall Decor & More!

    AD- This is an advertise in collaboration with Photowall Sweden with a free product. All opinions are our own. One of my favorite things is new decor pieces. I get so excited to add a new piece to my home. Homemaking and keeping a tidy cute home is something I strive for and I have…

  • Kitchen Remodel- Floors and Countertops Are In!

    Kitchen Remodel- Floors and Countertops Are In!

    Living in a renovation is not fun, even if it is just our kitchen. You have so many things scattered everywhere and I like order so it’s super hard for me! Everything is coming together so beautifully though and I can’t wait to show you. First that went in were the countertops and new sink.…

  • Kitchen Remodel- Painting is Finished!

    Kitchen Remodel- Painting is Finished!

    Kitchen painting is finished! What a difference paint makes you guys! So crazy how open it can make a smaller kitchen look. If you haven’t noticed we have been absent on here for a couple weeks! Life has been so busy with renovations around our house and then Marissa’s girls are starting sports. A break…

  • Kitchen Remodel Inspiration.

    Kitchen Remodel Inspiration.

    I can’t even tell you all how excited I am to FINALLY remodel our kitchen! It’s been a dream since we moved in about 5 years ago. Like everyone else this year I’m sure, we fought with the idea of selling our home or making it into what we want for a few more years.…

  • Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover!

    Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover!

    We have lived in our house for 7 years now. What?! Little by little I’ve redone a part of the house. Over our “quarantine”, we did a mini kitchen renovation! I have always loved the look of open shelving, but I always wondered where I’d put everything? Don’t worry, a little purge helped, and we…

  • DIY: Our Chicken Coop!

    DIY: Our Chicken Coop!

    Howdy, y’all! I reckon I’m ‘bout to show you my chicken farm! Hahah, just kidding! I’m having too much fun with my chickens, sometimes I wish I had my own farm. Fun fact: when I was growing up, my grandpa and great grandpa had a Hereford Farm. I actually showed steers at the 4-H Fair…

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