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  • Top 7 Rainy Day Activities.

    Top 7 Rainy Day Activities.

    I know for me rainy days can sometimes be a blessing and relaxing! I love curling up with a good book or finding my favorite movies on TV. The gloomier the better! But for kiddos!? Not so much! Spring/Summer time can be tough to keep these little ones from going crazy with all the back […]

  • Five Valentine’s Day Family Ideas.

    Five Valentine’s Day Family Ideas.

    Although you still have your occasional date nights, Valentines Day sure does change once you become a parent. The best part though? It’s still so much fun, but instead of romantic quiet dinners as a couple, it can become a loud family date night. I’m here to give some great ideas to celebrate Valentines Day […]

  • 1000 Hours Challenge

    1000 Hours Challenge

    Happy New Year, friends! I hope your holidays were filled with love. We had the BEST holiday season. I loved just spending time with our daughters and my husband. We made so many memories! I wanted to share with our community a challenge my family agreed to do this year. You may have heard of […]

  • Create A Learning Nook for Your Toddler.

    Create A Learning Nook for Your Toddler.

    With a busy bee of a toddler running around at all times, books and coloring are so important to have accessible when it’s time for some down time. Redfin reached out to us and asked to write a short piece describing an at home learning area that would work well. You can read the full […]

  • Peep Play-Doh

    Peep Play-Doh

    Those fluffy sugarcoated marshmallows are good for more than just eating! Today we made ‘Peep Play-Doh’! I have seen this idea going around on Instagram. My girls said it felt more like Peep slime, rather than Play-Doh. I’m going to share the recipe with you today. It is super simple and so easy. A great […]

  • 7 Fun Spring Break Activities For You and The Kids.

    7 Fun Spring Break Activities For You and The Kids.

    Spring is upon us and with that comes Spring break! Even though my son is still just a young toddler, And my daughter is an infant, I still think of Spring as the start of fun activities school aged or not. We can finally get outside and play. Bring on the mud and grass stained […]

  • Five Ways To Have A Low Key Halloween!

    Five Ways To Have A Low Key Halloween!

    Hi Friends! I hope you’re doing well. I can’t believe it’s already Halloween week! I love this Holiday. It’s just so fun and creative, plus all the activities are my favorite. I think as the holiday’s keep coming, I am enjoying them more and more now that I am a mom. Even though my son […]

  • Pumpkin Crafting Fun For Toddler/Kids!

    Pumpkin Crafting Fun For Toddler/Kids!

    Happy Monday my lovely friends! I have always been a crafty person. I love doing crafts and DIY’s and I think they are the best type of presents you can give someone. Even better? Becoming a mom and doing crafts with my little man. It brings an even more special meaning to these cute little […]

  • Summer Days! The Best Outdoor Toys For Ages 1 and Up.

    Summer Days! The Best Outdoor Toys For Ages 1 and Up.

    Hi friends! Aren’t weekends just the best? But summer weekends!? Even better!  It’s so fun thinking back to last summer I did not so much at all because I had a newborn baby. But now it’s fun to enjoy the sunshine with my little man.  I had a hard time thinking of summer toys that […]

  • Top Favorite Summer Activities For You And The Kids!

    Top Favorite Summer Activities For You And The Kids!

    I love summer! The sunshine and being outside all day truly does the body good. The kids are out of school, and I FINALLY took some vacation time to enjoy these long summer days, and these warm summer nights. But what are you going to do with your vacation? I love when we all go […]