1000 Hours Challenge

Happy New Year, friends! I hope your holidays were filled with love. We had the BEST holiday season. I loved just spending time with our daughters and my husband. We made so many memories!

I wanted to share with our community a challenge my family agreed to do this year. You may have heard of it… 1000 hours OUTSIDE challenge!

It can be REALLY hard to WANT to go outside in the winter, when it’s 7°F outside, and actually do things. I mean there are the usual outside activities like, sledding, snowman building, skating and snow ball fights, but what about those cold days, where there is just no snow.

I wanted to share some tips, ideas and some links that I have found super helpful! The team over at 1000 Hours Outside has a ton of great resources and that’s what I used to start finding fun activities. I will link their website here.

Make sure you have really good snow gear! That’s my top tip. Invest in a nice warm winter coat. We went with the Columbia Bugaboo II coat for both of my daughters. I like it because it’s a 3 in 1, so the can wear it all year long! My younger daughter always gets the hand me down snow pants from her older sister. Insulated boots are a must, too!

Another tip, make sure you prep the water for cocoa BEFORE you go out! That way it’s ready when you come in from the chilly outside.

Next year, my husband and I are going to try to make an ice rink. We thought about doing it this year (and we may still if I can convince him), but he’s afraid by the time we get it up to use, it’ll be time to take it down (LOL). There are so many great ideas on Pinterest and google on how to build. When we do ours, this year or next, I’ll be sure to share that tutorial!

Another fun thing I saw was building an igloo! A friend of mine, her husband and her two kids are actually working on one right now! I can not wait to see how it turns out! we have our fort (I will insert a picture below) and it is so fun. I love watching the girls use their imaginations when they’re in it!

How do you track each of the 1000 hours you spend in the great outdoors? A coloring sheet of course! They have so many options for trackers. They hold a contest on their social media each year to design the next years trackers. If you’re crafty, it’s a great opportunity to share your art.

I hope you use these tools and resources to help enjoy winter again! I’ll update you in the spring with how many hours we will have on the tracker!


16 responses to “1000 Hours Challenge”

  1. mindbeautysimplicity Avatar

    love this challenge idea! getting outside even in the winter is so important for our health. i’ve been taking walks outside in the morning regularly. just got to bundle up a bit.


    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Yes! That’s perfect. Stay warm 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lisa's Notebook Avatar

    Challenges like this are such a good way of involving the whole family – love this one in particular!


    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Yes! Thank you for reading 🥰


  3. Michelle Avatar

    What a great idea! Although, it’s easy to spend 1000 hours outside here in Australia where the weather is usually great 🙂


    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Ooo that sounds incredible! My youngest has always wanted to go to Australia! Thank you for reading 🥰


  4. Sumedha Avatar

    I’ve not heard of the challenge before but it sounds great, especially for homebodies haha. Hope you have a great time with the challenge!


    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Thank you!!! 🥰


  5. The Wellbeing Blogger Avatar

    Happy New Year! I love this 1000h challenge! 😍


    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Happy New Year! Thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment) Avatar

    Happy New Year. This is a great challenge especially in colder climates. I enjoyed reading and appreciated these suggestions. Definitely a fun way to have your family involved outdoors. 🤗 Living in Florida we have cold temps but we do warm up so we don’t deal with snow. ☺️ Thank you for sharing.

    Pastor Natalie


    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Thank you for reading! 🥰


  7. Cassie Avatar

    What a great idea for a challenge, especially one that can benefit all members of the family. It’s hard to keep my kiddo outside when it’s cold. I am looking forward to the spring. I am already trying to think of different ways to make our backyard more inviting so she remains entertained out there. It was easier when she was itty bitty, now, it’s more of a challenge. But, this was a great reminder to put some of those plans into action because spring is just around the corner.

    Have fun outside!


  8. Her Digital Coffee Avatar

    What a wonderful challenge. A hot cup of cocoa before heading out is important! Thank you for sharing, I’m inspired to participate!


  9. nortoncharity Avatar

    What a great challenge. Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing


  10. S.S. Mitchell Avatar
    S.S. Mitchell

    This challenge is a great way to usher in wellbeing from exercise, to getting fresh air and endorphins from fun activities.


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