5 Ways to Prioritize Your Marriage.

The other night my husband and I went out to dinner for the first time since we’ve had our newborn baby girl.

I was so excited about it. Like butterflies in my stomach excited. I navigated doing my hair and makeup between taking care of our newborn and our toddler and even the tantrums and the cries couldn’t put a damper on my mood.

I was going on a date with my husband, I was getting out of the house, I was wearing actual jeans, a crisp glass of wine was calling my name.

It was a wonderful night. A fall in love all over again type of night we desperately needed since becoming parents once again.

Life just gets so busy and that’s when I realized, we need to prioritize our marriage.

Between our children, working, his hockey coaching, sometimes “us” as an actual couple gets put on the back burner.

Who else can relate?

I’ve been constantly thinking of all the ways to prioritize our marriage and below is what I’ve come up with.

Set time aside for each other each day.

This goes in with the busyness I was talking about. Don’t put too much pressure on it but just make sure each day you have a little time for each other, even if it’s cooking dinner together or watching a show or just simply asking each other how their day went.

Respect each other.

Respect the wants and needs you feel for each other. Respect in general is just an important thing to have in any type of relationship but especially marriage. We all have different wants, needs, wishes and taking the time to listen, respect and prioritize them in your relationship is a wonderful thing.

Communication is key.

Does it even need an explanation? Communication is just #1. I can’t imagine my marriage without my husband wanting to share his thoughts with me. I can’t imagine him not wanting to talk things out with me. It’s just the #1 thing any relationship needs.

Date nights when able to.

Date nights out are so fun and definitely important. Like in the beginning, we just had our first date night since having our baby girl. Dinner was fantastic but after putting the kids to bed we sat in the living room with some wine and listened to our favorite songs we haven’t heard in forever and talked and laughed for hours.

So date nights out are great but don’t put pressure on it, you can have just as much one on one time at home as well!

Try to be interested in what each other likes.

I thought maybe this could relate to others as well. My husband and I have tons of the same interests but we also have tons of different ones as well. For instance, my love for writing and reading. Yet, he cheers me on and tells me to keep going with my blogging journey or will ask about the books I’m reading. He coaches travel hockey and it’s one of his biggest passions, so I go to as many games as I can and events and I love when he gives me play by plays of the games.

It helps us stay connected even when we are each doing separate things. Plus it’s always nice when someone wants to talk about something you enjoy!

With two kids now, I am definitely still figuring out this prioritizing thing! It’s a work in progress but I already know how important it is to keep a healthy marriage.

I hope these tips helped you! If you have more tips, please let us all know below. Thanks for reading!


15 responses to “5 Ways to Prioritize Your Marriage.”

  1. Tim Avatar

    Love your post! I believe that your item on Setting Aside Time is the most important! We get so caught up in our work that we don’t alway dedicate the calendar for the most important person in our world!

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    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Thank you so much!! We really do and I couldn’t agree more!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Molly Transatlantic Notes Avatar

    This was so encouraging to read; I definitely need to prioritize some good quality time with my husband. We don’t have children but life has really been through for the past couple of years so we need something to just feel good. Thanks for the advice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      I’m so glad you loved it! Thank you so much for reading ❤️


  3. Tanya's blog Avatar

    Wow! Very good advice! It’s so good to have these ideas when marriage is around the corner. 🙌💕🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Thank you so much!!


  4. arpandas2211 Avatar

    Lovely post. You got yourself a new follower here! 😊


  5. Smelly Socks and Garden Peas Avatar

    Ah excellent tips. After 18yrs together and 12 yrs married, it can feel like we’re both part of the furniture. But making time for each other is key to keeping that loving appreciation for each other.

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    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      You are so right about being part of the furniture, I feel like that sometimes too 🤣. Making time for each other is so important though, thank you so much for reading!


  6. Jodie | That Happy Reader Avatar
    Jodie | That Happy Reader

    Great post and advice. Still rings true after 32 years of marriage.

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    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Thank you so much!!


  7. jboelhower Avatar

    As a husband for 23 years, I will agree. And I liked the section on date nights, when possible. We have tried to have the scheduled date nights, but it always ended up being more stressful than relaxed. Even if it is just a mini blizzard in the car parked by the lake, our date nights allow us to connect and talk as a couple. We don’t have them every week, but we have them. Thanks for sharing the post.

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    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      So agree with everything!! Thank you so much for reading!

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  8. Rayo Avatar

    Great advice. even if I’m not married yet, I still agree with you with the suggestions above. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. quirkymoms486 Avatar

      Thank you so much for reading!


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